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Doable Stress Free Life will really help you get your life set up to be more organized and less stressed.

However the two other things that go hand in hand with helping you lead a healthier life are getting in shape (without turning life upside down), and eating healthily enough for our bodies to run properly and stay slim, but without having to give up the tasty foods and treats we love.

And whadda-you-know, I’ve only gone and written two awesome books on those exact subjects ūüôā

Doable Health & Fat Loss explains how to eat more healthily in a realistic way to boost your health and energy, without having to give up junk or booze or ditch your favorite home-cooked meals.

Then we look at how to make simple tweaks to your new way of eating to lose body fat without it feeling like a jail sentence!

Doable Fit Strong Toned Body provides you with a simple, doable approach to squeezing just enough of the right types of exercise into your life, to get fitter and stronger and look great, without having to become a gym obsessive!

And it’s an approach you can stick to long term, to stay in shape, because you’ll learn how to fit in the workouts around your hectic schedule!

You can pick up either one of those ebooks for a whole $9, or get both for just $15 – just click on whichever book(s) you may want to download below (you’ll still get your Doable Stress Free Life download free also don’t worry!)

Both of these additional books are full of realistic, doable, immediately actionable ways for all us tired busy folks to start getting in shape and looking/feeling great, without having to add yet more things to our already bulging To-Do lists.

So just click on whichever option suits your needs:

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Get Doable Fit Strong Toned Body for $9


Get both books for just $15


My fitness and weight are all-good, just take me to the download page for Doable Stress Free Life