Doable Wellness is exactly that – doable steps you can take, without turning life upside down, maybe even doing things a little half-assed, and STILL make progress with eating better, exercising more effectively, losing weight, sleeping better and longer, and getting life organized so you can deal with your own daily sh*tstorm better.

I’m Chris, a married Dad of 3 here in not-so-sunny Ireland. I’m not some self-proclaimed internet fitness guru, I’m just a guy with my own personal training business, trying to help other busy people get in shape, and look after themselves better.

Most of my personal training clients are in the same age bracket – between 30 and 50 – and as such they have the same challenges I have:

  • a home to look after
  • a family that needs me
  • a demanding job
  • a love of booze and junk food!

All these challenges are not exactly conducive to finding the time and energy to get in shape, and the ability to eat healthily most of the time!

The thing is, we CAN :

  • lose weight
  • get in shape
  • become more organized
  • learn to de-stress
  • look after ourselves better…

it’s just that the majority of the advice out there seems to assume we have time, money, energy and motivation coming out of our ears! Working out every day, eating weird super-diet-foods, meditating for an hour, buying magical supplements… no chance for us, right?

This means we get demotivated quickly when we try to follow a standard training or diet plan, or try to look after our mental wellbeing better. We ‘fail’ because the plan wasn’t aligned to our crazy busy lives.

Doable Wellness is for my fellow tired, busy procrastinators, who are constantly putting off getting healthier and in shape because it feels like too much time and effort.

Everything I advocate is a small step you can take regularly to do something for your health, fitness and wellbeing. No gung-ho high maintenance plans here! These small, doable steps add up over time to making you healthier, fitter, in better shape, and less stressed over time.

Check out my latest articles here, and get in touch if you need some doable advice to start looking after yourself better without a ton of effort!